Your customers won't wait for your website

A customer of mine in the travel industry has a nice looking website. If you ask for information about any region you're also shown a map of the area. You can zoom and scroll in the map as much as you like. Very user friendly! It's just ... before customers could use the page at all they had to wait for 7.5 seconds, without knowing why. So they'd already moved on to the competition.

Why was the user experience so bad?

The web server was fast enough. But ...

The map was built up just outside the visible part of the page. Because all map data was loaded into the browser first, that took the bulk of the 7.5 seconds. And the customers had no idea what they were waiting for as the page was frozen during loading and the map was not visible. That's a user experience no visitor is waiting for. So they went to see what the competition had to offer.

The solution

The map is now a simple image when it first appears. Only when you click on it the interactive map is loaded, with a message that says why you're waiting. The page loads nice and fast now and customers that want to explore the map in detail can still do so. A user experience that's pleasant and clear and that keeps vistors on the site.

Patience is in short supply

Your customers are impatient. When they want something, they want it now. That goes for your products, but also for your website/webshop. 

Did you know millennials click away when loading takes more than 2 seconds? On their mobile phone that slows down your site even more. Their parents' patience lasts a full second longer.

Not only the retention but also the number of people that request or buy something increases as your site speeds up. You total conversion can increase 36(!) fold between a slow and a fast site. Doubling your conversion is a walk in the park.

SEO is useless if people don't stay

If you spend a lot of money on SEO and social media adds, you want those dearly paid for customers to convert. Only then does your investment earn you money.

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