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Your web site will retain more users and convert more if you provide a good user experience. Your web application will improve employee productivity if the user experience is good. Speed is an essential part of the user experience. Your web site, shop or application could be leaving money on the table by not providing an optimal user experience.

Research shows improving your web site or shop from poor to average performance can increase your revenue with a factor of 12. Improving it from average to good can raise your revenue with an additional factor of 3.

Reducing the delays in your web applications by just 5 minutes per day per employee gives you a free employee for every 100 people you employ. No salary and no hiring hassle. You can get a 5 minute improvement just from the low hanging fruit in most cases.

Stop leaving money on the table. Fill in the form below and get an assessment - free for a limited time - of how good an experience you're offering your users and which parts need improving.

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