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Enza zaden testimonial teaser

Enza Zaden

“Thanks to Sciante we had a strong case to our supplier”.

Peter Baer, CIO at Enza Zaden: “The response times of Citrix and servers have improved greatly for example. Small things that you do often, like printing invoices, are so much faster now. We are quite content with the services delivered by Sciante and employ their services on a regular basis to help us with performance issues."
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Riksja Travel testimonial

Riksja Travel

“We had to face the music. The result is an application that works correctly”.

Robbert Homburg, ICT Manager at Riksja: “For us the booking system is the hart of the organization. It needs to work flawlessly, even when all hands are on deck and using the system. Because we couldn't figure out what the problem was and neither could the supplier, I asked an acquaintance at Sciante to look at the problem".
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Utrecht University testimonial

Utrecht University

“When our systems don't work right our patients can be endangered”.

Hans Koeslag, developer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University: “Sciante helped us well. They understood the risks for our faculty and what the concerns were. In a diplomatic way they adequately and quickly proved that after migration our server would not function sufficiently to support the work of our people. To fix this Sciante supplied our central ICT department with competent advice and support. The issues were solved quickly and our applications run properly again”.
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Real estate developer testimonial

Real estate developer

“I don't know any other party that can put their finger on the sore spot like this”

“Especially in busy periods several applications would stall, causing frustration for employees. Just when we needed financial reports servers would grind to a halt. Our system administrators were aware of the problems and did what they could. They increased internal memory a step at a time but the problems came back every time. After a while they too were out of options. I got in touch with Sciante and made an appointment”.
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