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iT performance is about running your business efficiently. It's not just about using your hardware efficiently. You need to measure to know how well you're doing, just like top athletes do. Let us help you to be a winner.

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APM As A Managed Service

Tools for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) are easy to buy. But are they usefuul to you? Getting eyes on your application is more than just showing CPU, Disk, memory and network in a graph. Because those can all be green while ypour customers and users ares still waiting.


Your application or site is too slow. Maybe much too slow. And you don't know why. Use our troubleshoot and you'll know why it's too slow and how you can fix it.

Application Performance Management

Your hardware may be running like a charm. If it's not helping your business, or even holding it back, it's not enough. IT performance is about iT supporting your business by servicing your customers and your users faster. About getting a higher turnover. About reducing cost. Sciante's iT performance management tells you where your iT is not supporting your business as well as it should. By measuring the impact on your business, your customers and your users as well as the technical iT performance. Click to find out how we can help you optimize your business instead of just optimizing your technology

User Experience Analysis

Your customers and users experience is crucial for how your business runs. A web shop with good performance can sell up to 36 times as much as one that performs poorly for example. Keeping customers engaged and making sure employees can keep going requires sufficient speed. And that speed is much more than just your web server or application. In today's complicated landscapes, many components, some not even managed by you, contribute to the speed your customers and users experience. Our User eXperience Analysis tells you exactly which components contribute how much delay. Allowing you to optimize both turnover and cost.

Capacity management

You're growing and you want to stay in control. Your customers and users seem to be happy. You want to keep them happy. Use our capacity management to keep the control you need.

Tableau Performance

Tableau is a complex product that combines interactive reporting and data warehousing. When used the right way it helps your people do their job fast and easy, making them more productive and saving you money. When used wrong it holds back your people, sinking their productivity and costing you a lot of money each and every day.

Is your iT helping or hampering your business?

You need to know if your customers and users are supported or hindered by your iT. Is your iT delivering the performance they need? Is it speeding up your business or slowing it down? Our performance management services will help your iT speed up your business, even if you're not having urgent problems.

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Is your iT helping or hampering your business

Are you leaving money on the table?

Your application, web site or web shop may be too slow. Even much too slow. You can improve your revenue or lower your cost, whether you're having immediate problems or not. Our User eXperience Analysis will tell you where your iT can be improved so it better supports your business.

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Are you leaving money on the table

Do you want to know what our customers say?

Over the past decade we've helped many customers improve their business by improving their iT. Read what they have to say on our testimonials page.

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Do you want to know what our customers say

How do we see iT performance?

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice they are not. Knowing about iT performance and solving or preventing your specific problems are not the same thing. In our blog we tell you about the situations we meet in real life, how we handle them and how we see iT performance and the effect it has on our customers in general.

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How do we see iT performance

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