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APM As A Managed Service

Application Performance Monitoring As Managed Service

APM As A Managed Service

You can buy many tools for application performance monitoring these days. They won't do you much good though if you don't understand what they're telling you. Or if your IT staff only understands the basics.

Application performance monitoring is much more complex than just looking at CPU, memory, disk and network load. These basic metrics can all be in the green while your users are still waiting for their applications and their reports. Even if you have all those other metrics in your APM software, do you know what they all mean? Do you (or your IT staff) know what enqueues are in an Oracle database and what a normal value for them is? Or what the difference between soft and hard paging means for your application? Probably not.

Sciante delivers application performance monitoring as a managed service because it is a specialized field. Requiring specialized knowledge that most organizations don't have. Because tooling alone isn't enough.

Our managed service includes software licensing, pro-active reporting and forecasts, actionable insights and access to our experts.

At a fixed monthly fee.

Application Performance Monitoring brings you to the next level

Knowing how your application is doing is valuable. Knowing how your business and users are doing is even more valuable. Sciante doesn't stop at technical metrics, we measure the performance of your business processes and your user experience as well. We can cover 100% of your business processes and user population. 24/7.

Why AI doesn't find causes

AI is very good at finding correlations. In application performance monitoring you can have a correlation between high CPU usage and high disk usage. That doesn't mean that one is causing the other. It can simply mean they have a common cause.

We find the real causes of your issues using Computer Aided Human Intelligence. Where humans check correlations found by computers and know whether or not they cause your issues. And where humans tell computers what correlations to look for.

AI is also good at finding things that are already happening. By adding human intelligence in the equation we find issues that are not yet causing trouble, but might cause trouble in the future.

Better measurements, better results

You get better results with ScianteĀ® Analysis than with any other APM tooling on the market. Sciante has developed a unique measurement system that provides a better data quality, leading to better results. ScianteĀ® Analysis sees issues that other products miss, especially when combined with the expertise you get as part of the managed service.

See how our customers value our actionable insights.

With Application Performance Monitoring As Managed Service you deliver good performance for your users and your business

You can get better results by implementing your application performance monitoring as managed service. Make an appointment today by clicking the button below and in a 30 minute call we'll explain how you can get solid results, efficient business processes and happy users.

We'll explain how you can get solid results, efficient business processes and happy users

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