Is your iT helping or hampering your business

Application Performance Management

You have a business problem

Application performance management

You want to find what's blocking your business and your users, not just what's blocking your hardware and your network. Your Application Performance Management is about more than just having all your technical metrics green. The user experience, the delay when generating a report, how many business transactions you can process are all important metrics for how well your iT is supporting your business.

Preventive maintenance will earn you money

Keeping your applications performance well maintained will increase your revenue. Increasing application efficiency increases employee efficiency, which in turn increases your business efficiency allowing you to earn more money. Likewise, customers that are served more efficiently on your websites will stay longer and spend more. Use preventive maintenance to make your applications more efficient, even if you don't experience problems yet.

Application Performance Management is not a one time effort

Just like your car your applications need maintenance. Performance maintenance is part of that. You don't wait for your transmission to break down, you bring your car to the dealer regularly for maintenance so you don't get stuck at the side of the road. Don't wait for your performance to break down, have your applications maintained and avoid problems.

Application Performance Management is a highly specialized field

Your system and network managers keep your engines running. But an engine running smoothly is not enough for a safe flight. You need a flight plan, a fuel calculation and someone watching other traffic in the air. You need a pilot that understands how an airplane works as a whole.

In Application Performance Management you need someone who understands more than just CPU, disk, memory and network load. Your users can be held up by locking, bad database usage or influences from other servers. Things that are not in scope for your system and network managers. Sciante has all the specialized knowledge that keeps your application flying. Safe, smooth and steady. We diagnose your applications and find problems before they become problematic. Or help you fix the problems that are already holding you back or costing you money.


We start by finding the causes of the problems you already have by measuring and analyzing your application chain on a business, user experience and technical level. We also find latent problems and possibilities for optimization. Results and solutions are shared with you as soon as they are found, so you can start improving quickly. After the first month we will deliver a comprehensive performance report that will be discussed with you, your staff and your suppliers in person. This report identifies your problems, latent problems and their solutions. Followup measurement and analysis will tell you if solutions have been properly implemented and will identify new issues before they become a problem.


Our full service Application Performance Management gives a detailed insight in how to fix your problems and improve the speed of your application chains and their components so they better support your business. You will know which parts of the chain support your business and which parts hold you back. You will know how that varies during the day, week, month, quarter and year. You will be alerted to bottlenecks, both current and latent. You will know when and how to make adjustments to optimize the support of your business and optimize your revenue.

You will have full insight in the performance of your application chain up to the point where it leaves your infrastructure or your cloud environment. For determining influences on user experience that occur outside your own environment we offer a complimentary user experience analysis.

Way of Working

Sciante® Analysis Application Performance Management is offered as a fully managed service, either on premisse or in our SAAS environment.  For the short or the long term. This frees your own staff from the task of configuring, monitoring and analyzing. Sciante performs troubleshoots, capacity management, assessments or supports preventive maintenance depending your specific need. Installation, configuration, measurement, analysis and reporting is included in a fixed price. Curious what that means for your situation? Get in touch.

Sciante® Analysis finds issues all others miss

Sciante® Analysis offers more insight in three dimensions:

- Measures and analyses all layers, from business and user experience down to technical;

- Measures outside influences even when measuring only one application chain;

- Has an accuracy unparalleled in the industry.

Sciante® Analysis has scored 100% in troubleshoots since it's inception more than 10 years ago. Often in situations when other solutions came up empty. It delivers quick results and finds current and latent issues all other products miss.

You can get better results by implementing your application performance management as a service. Make an appointment today by clicking the button below and in a 30 minute call we'll explain how you can get solid results, efficient business processes and happy users.

We'll explain how you can get solid results, efficient business processes and happy users

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