Real estate developer testimonial

Real estate developer

“I don't know any other party that can put their finger on the sore spot like this”

A large administration with performance problems

Customer X is Manager Infrastructure Support at a large real estate developer. All facets of business management are recorded, reported on and stored in digital form. This includes rental contracts, maintenance notifications, value assessments, turnover and vacancy and of course a large administration. The enormous amount of information that needed to be stored caused frequent performance problems.

“Especially in busy periods several applications would stall, causing frustration for employees. Just when we needed financial reports servers would grind to a halt. Our system administrators were aware of the problems and did what they could. They increased internal memory a step at a time but the problems came back every time. After a while they too were out of options. I got in touch with Sciante and made an appointment”.

First scan with Sciante Performance Suite

A first scan op the applications and servers with the Sciante Performance Suite, where network probes were placed in the network, immediately showed a number of issues. Some of the software was written incorrectly causing an unnecessarily high load on the servers. Data management was also candidate for improvement in several places.

“It turned out to be a combination of factors. If you just increase internal memory, you run into the same problem again. Sciante found the real bottlenecks quickly and efficiently and explained to us how to fix them to give us an optimal performance again. We followed all their advice and immediately experienced a world of difference”.

Monitoring our own performance to full satisfaction

Today the company where X is employed has been using Sciante's services for years to full satisfaction. They handle monitoring themselves using the dashboard that is part of the SAAS (Software As A Service) environment. This is done remotely. This way they can monitor and analyze their own performance an take action immediately to prevent issues. When needed Sciante is available to assist.

“This allowed us to expand our knowledge of iT performance significantly. When we get a notification we know how to deal with it ourselves in most cases, to solve or prevent an issue. It has only happened occasionally that we needed to ask Sciante for help. And in those cases action was always taken quickly. We're really content with the service. I don't know any other party that can put their finger on the sore spot like this."

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