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User Experience Analysis

A good user experience makes you money

On your public web shop or web site, more users will stay if their experience is good. Those that stay will stay longer and buy more. You conversion can double just by tackling the low hanging fruit. For your internal applications, a better user experience allows your people to be much more productive, increasing your turnover.

User experience analysis

User experience is more than just your web server

Your web server determines the experience your users are getting. To a point. Modern web servers and applications are built using much more than your pages and images. JavaScript plays an important role in what the user experiences. Third party components such as Google Analytics or HotJar also influence the speed of a page. Measuring your webserver gives only part of the picture.

How good is your performance from a users view?

To see what your users will see you need to measure their experience from the browser, not from the server. This requires specialized measurement and analysis of all things that influence the speed of your web pages. And a good assessment of where you need to improve the individual pages, or the site as a whole. Our User eXperience Analysis offers you all this as a packaged service.

What do we do for you?

We will measure your web site or web based application from different locations using several browsers and performing a few use cases. The measurements will then be analyzed and (potential) bottlenecks will be identified. From these findings we create a comprehensive report that explains how good or bad your website serves your users, from their perspective.

What do you get?

We'll give you solutions, not just causes. Of course, you get the comprehensive report we create. We will visit you at an agreed location to talk you through the report, so you'll know how to implement the solutions. The report gives a detailed insight in the performance of your application as experienced by your user. It analyzes the structure of your application as it is processed by the browser. This includes the analysis of third party components, third party servers and content delivery networks. For each of the web servers that are part of your application an analysis is made of the source of delays. This allows for insights that cannot be gained by analyzing the performance of the applications web server or server chain alone.

For the delays found in the browser(s) or in the page/component structure an improvement plan can be made based on this analysis alone. For delays found in your server or network we offer performance management in several forms.

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Ask for our User eXperience Test free of charge and find out how our measurement and analysis helps you improve your customers and users experience.

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