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Tableau Performance

Tableau Performance - Getting it right

Getting Tableau performance right is like launching a fighter from an aircraft carrier. You need to do everything exactly right or your dashboards will sink like a mis-launched fighter. When you do get it in the air properly, it's fast, agile and precisely on target.

Tableau is a complex product that combines interactive reporting and data warehousing. When used the right way it helps your people do their job fast and easy, making them more productive and saving you money. When used wrong it holds back your people, sinking their productivity and costing you a lot of money each and every day.

 Tableau Performance

Tableau performance analyzing and monitoring

Just as a fighter jet, you need to continuously monitor and analyze Tableau performance. Data grows, data distributions change, a lot of small changes in your dashboards or data models add up to a large change. If you don't know your exact altitude, attitude, speed and pitch, you'll be breathing water instead of air before you know it.

Tableau performance tuning and optimization

You can't put just any pilot in the cockpit of a carrier based jet if you want it to take off, fly and land safely and efficiently. You can't put just any programmer or DBA on your Tableau dashboards or data models if you want your dashboards to work efficiently and support the people using them. You need someone that possesses the right skill set and you need to provide them with the proper tools to verify what they are doing.

Where do I start?

It's very important that your data model matches your dashboards. All too often a data model is made that needs to serve all dashboards and that data model contains much more data than any individual dashboard ever needs. But when a dashboard is loaded all that data and the related meta data is loaded each and every time making your dashboards slow and sluggish.

By making a number of smaller data models, each one tailored for the dashboard it serves, dashboards are sped up drastically. And often even loading data and metadata in tableau will be faster with such well tuned data models.

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